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About Us

Dimas began his journey in the painting/decorating industry in 1982. Since then he has gained mastery in various types of premium decorative finishes. He has mastered countless faux finish and Venetian plaster techniques. He has a passion for putting his imagination to good use to create different and unique forms of these techniques. He has gained vast knowledge on these premium decorative finishes and can't wait to help you add some new designs to your home.

Customer satisfaction is key to us. Dimas has worked for 30 years as a sub-contractor for a painting/decorating company. He has witnessed first hand the impacts of bad customer service with his previous company. That is one of the reasons he has decided to start a company of his own, to ensure that he himself is able to guarantee customer satisfaction.

The goal of Dimas is to build this company and make sure all his experience and reputation don't go to waste. With the help of his family he plans on passing down all his knowledge to his two son, Jessee and Danny. Meanwhile his wife, Sandra handles the book-keeping. Together he plans to make sure that Dimas Painting Inc. is able to establish itself as the go- to place to get great premium service and customer satisfaction.